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Banks and Money.


The banks here are normally open from 8.30am – 2.00pm Monday to Friday from May to October.

Most holiday resorts have money changing facilities in kiosks, hotels etc. Though you will find that the rate of exchange is usually much better in banks than in other places.


If changing money in a bank, make sure that you have your passport with you.


Always retain all receipts for money changed, in case of a later query. Always check the cash you have been given corresponds to the amount stated on the receipt that you have been given by the cashier before you leave the premises!!




The shops here are usually open from 9.30am to 1.30pm and then from 5.00pm to 8.00pm from Monday to Friday and 9.30am-1.30pm Saturday, excluding fiesta days. Resort shops and local supermarkets are usually open longer hours.


There is a good selection of shops selling all types of items in all main towns. The local artisan and smaller shops may still close for siesta in the afternoon.  The larger franchises will stay open all day.


The supermarkets in local towns are usually open from 9am – 2pm and then from 4pm – 8pm, however in summer resorts they tend to open all day. The large supermarkets located on the industrial estates are open from 9.15am – 9.15pm Monday to Saturday. During the summer months, some are open on Sunday mornings, they will have notices on the doors to display the times.


Market Days.


Mahon: Tuesday and Saturday (also Thursday June to September) located in the Plaza Explanda, near to the bus station.

There is also an indoor fruit and vegetable market, and fish markets which is open 6 days a week and are located in the centre of Mahon.

Es Castell: Monday and Wednesday located in the main town square.

Alaior: Thursday

Es Migjorn: Wednesday

Ferrerias: Tuesday and Saturday

Ciutadella: Friday and Saturday located in the square near to the town hall and police station.


Fiestas (Bank holidays)


Local Town Fiestas


Mahón - 7/8/9 September

Ciutadella - 23/24 June

Es Castell - 24/25/26 July

Alaior - First Fortnight in August                                                         

San Luis - End of August

Ferreries - 23/24 August

Mercadal - 3rd Saturday and Sunday in July

Migjorn Gran - Last weekend in July & first weekend in August

Fornells - 4th Saturday & Sunday in July

Sant Climent - 3rd Weekend in August

Cala’n Porter - 17/18/19 Sept


National Fiestas

1st January New Years Day

5th January 3 Kings Parade

6th January 3 Kings Day (12th night of Christmas)

19th March Fathers Day

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

1st May Labour Day

24th June St Johns Day

Corpus Christi mid June

29th June St Peter and St Paul

25th July St James, patron saint of Spain

Public Transport.


Menorca has a bus service that runs to every major town during the summer months. The bus service has improved greatly over the past few years, and more routes and services have been added during the summer months, meaning that you can get to almost anywhere easily. You can catch the buses from the center of Mahon in the bus station, or from any signed bus stop.  The full timetable can been seen on the following web site.

Driving Guidelines.


There is a maximum speed limit on the island of 100 kilometres per hour along the major roads. In populated areas and towns the speed limit is normally 25km to 40km per hour. There are sign posts to indicate the speed limit in each town, but do be aware that they can change quite quickly from one piece of road to another! During the summer months especially the “trafico” police and the “Guardia Civil” are very vigilant and they can stop you at any time to inspect documents, for speeding, not wearing a seat belt, breath tests etc.


The on the spot fines can be quite steep!! You must carry with you at all times your passport, driving license, car documents, car rental certificate (if applicable).

In Spain the police do not need to have a reason to stop you to carry out random checks. Be polite, most of them will speak very little English but can usually understand you.


Each vehicle in Spain must carry 2 emergency warning triangles which need to be used in the event of breakdown. Failure to have them in your car in the event of a breakdown can incur a fine. You should also have a reflective jacket to wear in case of breakdown or accident, which is to be worn when placing the emergency triangles and also whilst at the side of the road.


Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to sit in the front seats of the vehicle.


If using a Moped or Motorcycle a safety helmet must be used at all times.


It is prohibited to drive whilst using a mobile phone or with headphones in! If caught you will be given a hefty on the spot fine!


If you need to stop for directions or to look at a map, always make sure that you stop in a suitable place! Do not stop on a busy junction or main road!


You will see signs located in towns on garages which say “Vado Permanente” this means that parking is forbidden. You will be towed if found to be parked in front of one of these! “Ambos Lados” means two way traffic, and “Ceda el Paso” means give way.


Always give way to traffic from the right. Except on Roundabouts.


When parking in the main towns, you will need to buy a ticket from the green machines located along the roadside. This needs to be displayed clearly in the car windscreen. Cars that do not display a ticket will be towed away.


The obvious point… we do drive on the other side of the road! You will be amazed the amount of accidents that are caused by tourists who forget this!!!


When you are facing an oncoming vehicle and they flash their lights that does not mean they are giving you way and you can move.  It is just the opposite stay put and do not move until they have passed.


If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident then take the following steps:


  • Take the registration number of the vehicle involved, and the drivers name and address. If the driver is Spanish then ask for his DNI number, if not Spanish then ask for the passport number.

  • Take the insurance details of the driver, insurance company, policy number etc.

  • If there are any people injured, do not move the cars and call the emergency services.

  • If you are in a Hire Car, then contact your car Hire Company as soon as possible to let them know!



Boat Hire


Glass Bottom boat Trips


The glass bottom boats leave from Mahon harbour, and take you on a tour of the harbour, mouth of the harbour and nearby bays. There is a guide on board to tell you more about the history of Menorca and of course the chance to see the underwater world and many sea creatures. These trips can be booked at the wooden kiosks along the port at the bottom of the steps.

Aqua Parks


There are aqua parks located in Son Bou, Punta Prima, Calan Bosc and Los Delfines.



Karting is available in Calan Bosc and also at Castillo Menorca, which is a commercial centre located along road to Ciutadella.



There are many companies that offer diving experiences and with Menorca’s crystal waters and wide variety of fish and sea creatures, it makes it the perfect place to try it out!

If you are interested in Diving then we would recommend S’algar Diving.



Trotting Races


Saturday Evening 6pm (May to Sept) Suinday 11.30am (Oct to April) held at the Hippodrome of Mahon and the Hippodrome of Ciutadella, this is something that is fun for all the family.

You can go along and place small bets on horses that take part in the races. The bets are 1.50€ to back a winner, and then you are able to back doubles, trios and quadruples. There is usually a big win for a trio and quadruple. It is a fun day out for all the family and a friendly atmosphere.

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